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With the publication of my organization's page explaining our Social Darwinist views and the methods to achieve them, this section aims to provide a comprehensive justification that is easily understandable.

Among all fields of study, eugenics has faced significant controversy. It is often associated with promoting hatred, bigotry, and atrocities. However, this narrative does not accurately represent the entire concept. Eugenics has been theorized for centuries and continues to have a lasting impact today. In essence, eugenics involves the deliberate selection of desirable heritable characteristics to enhance future generations, particularly in the context of human beings. It encompasses both behavioural and physical traits, transcending ethnic or racial boundaries. Ultimately, eugenics advocates for our collective pursuit of self-improvement.

Eugenics finds its roots in the theory of evolution. Just as other species compete for survival, this principle also applies to human society. Since we possess the innate will to live, we should continually strive to become a better version of ourselves. "Better" may be an ambiguous term, but it always signifies what will ensure our survival. While different individuals may have diverse interpretations of what is beneficial, some commonly considered categories include appearance, strength, race, or intelligence. Many proponents of Social Darwinism and eugenics acknowledge that a free market, such as capitalism, allows the best ideas to thrive. Therefore, if someone believes that race is not the determining factor for human progress, they can reasonably assert that other qualities hold greater importance for society.

Looking at the successful application of eugenics in shaping the genes of plants and animals, it becomes apparent that we have the potential to shape humanity into a more advantageous form. The question then arises not as to whether we can achieve this, but whether we should. Should we assume the role of a deity and open the metaphorical Pandora's box to discern the traits that truly benefit us the most? This question has been pondered for thousands of years, and we already possess the answer. Cultures, laws, and societal norms have always influenced our behaviour, with the values of cooperation, friendship, and other virtues prevailing due to their success in promoting collective progress. Groups that fail to adapt ultimately face failure. Therefore, the answer lies in striving towards an "Übermensch" or an exceptional individual.

Our organization wholeheartedly embraces eugenics and Social Darwinism, firmly believing that these ideologies offer the best path forward for humanity. We prioritize human survival and prosperity above all else, considering them paramount. Ethical concerns take a back seat to the fundamental drive to live and thrive. The concept of the Übermensch represents our aspiration for the development of exceptional individuals who can lead us towards a better future. Rejecting complacency and embracing the principles of eugenics and Social Darwinism allows us to prioritize the collective progress and well-being of humanity. Those who want to live, they can fight, but those who don't want to fight in a world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live. 

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Arie Johannes Zondervan