All Too Human - The Order

If we're talking about a hypothetical alien being with no preexisting knowledge or abilities, it would need to develop certain foundational traits and capabilities before it could acquire higher-level skills and knowledge. Just like human beings, the alien would require a physical body with basic sensory organs, a functioning brain, and the ability to manipulate objects in order to interact with the world and learn.

The development of limbs would be crucial for the alien to navigate and interact with its environment. Limbs would enable it to move, grasp objects, and manipulate tools. The presence of eyes or similar sensory organs would allow the alien to perceive the world visually, providing it with information about its surroundings.

Additionally, a functioning brain would be necessary for the alien to process information, learn, and make sense of its experiences. Without a brain or a comparable cognitive system, the alien would not be able to understand concepts, acquire language, or engage in higher-level thinking.

Once the alien possesses the foundational traits, it could begin to learn about tools, read text, and understand various aspects of the world. It could gradually develop its cognitive abilities, gain knowledge, and potentially evolve into a more advanced being capable of achieving higher levels of understanding and wisdom. 

We will choose to start with human anatomy models, particularly the eye, as a tangible and visual representation to introduce the concept of perception and the sensory gateway between the mind and the surroundings. By exploring the structure and function of the eye, we can lay the foundation for understanding the role of sensory organs in experiencing the world, even if the alien lacks these specific traits. The models can serve as a starting point for our discussions, analogies, and further exploration of the senses and their connections to the mind. 

Let's move on to the term that describes all of these conclusions - Eugenics, why All Life Is Struggle