The Will - The Order

The drive for humanity to possess certain traits necessary for its development stems from an understanding that our evolutionary heritage has shaped us with innate tendencies for survival and progress. We recognise that our continued existence and advancement as a species depend on acquiring and cultivating essential qualities. This recognition fuels a deep curiosity to explore and identify these traits.

Thought experiments, such as imagining an alien arriving on Earth without any prior development, offer valuable insights into acquiring necessary traits. By contemplating these hypothetical scenarios, we can understand the qualities and knowledge crucial for our species to reach its full potential.

Humanity has already developed inherent traits, such as the will to live, through our evolutionary history, encouraging the pursuit of development that centres around uncovering qualities and knowledge crucial for transcending our current limitations. The aspiration towards an idealised version of humanity - the Übermensch, symbolises the ongoing commitment to the development of humanity.

However, in this pursuit, it is important to acknowledge and embrace our most fundamental traits, which have evolved over millions of years. By examining the qualities deeply ingrained in us, we can establish a solid foundation upon which our development can be built. This understanding helps us prioritise and appreciate the traits that have already contributed to our survival and progress as a species.

With this foundation in place, we can then explore and identify the areas where further development and improvement are necessary to ensure our continued existence and advancement. This involves actively seeking knowledge, engaging in self-reflection, and embracing personal and collective growth. By doing so, we can move closer to realising a future characterized by enhanced capabilities and flourishing societies.

In essence, our progression is guided by both the recognition of our evolved nature and the intrinsic desire to continually strive for a better version of ourselves as a species. Through the cultivation of essential traits and the pursuit of self-improvement, we can navigate the challenges and uncertainties of the future, adapt to changing circumstances, and foster the development of qualities that will ensure our long-term survival and advancement. Thus, as according to logic and people like Friedrich Nietzsche, Social Darwinism allows us to one day create an Übermensch.

With this conclusion, our next page explores how our goals will be achieved and how they're All Too Human